Helping you and
your family progress.

At Progressor we take the time to truly understand you and your needs. We talk to you as one human being to another, and as life changes we’ll be right there, on your side, making sure you have the necessary products to move forward.

Working with our underwriters, we provide you with a range of tailor-made personal insurance products that will make sure you always progress.

How we help you progress:

  • At home
  • On the road
  • For your family’s future
  • For your portable items


At home

Your home is your heart and come what may, we’ll make sure that the things you love are always protected.

Household Content Insurance

Provides cover for every movable item in your home, such as furniture, clothing and electronics in the event of theft, fire, flooding and other risks to your belongings.

Building Insurance

Our Building Insurance cover includes damage to buildings, fixtures and fittings such as geysers, windows, pool pumps, sanitary ware, satellite dishes, etc.

Vehicle Insurance Cover

We provide Comprehensive cover for your vehicle, as well Third Party, Fire and Theft cover for complete peace of mind on the road.

Travel Insurance

At Progressor we protect you on your travels by covering injury, disability or death, as well as any loss of personal belongings.

Hospitalisation Following An Accident

Over and above medical aid, this is a cash pay-out per day that you are in hospital following an accident.

On the road

Rest assured knowing that there’s someone who is always on your side, making sure your every kilometre forward is protected.

For your portable items

Covering the things that add to the quality of your life is an important part of helping you to progress.

All Risk Cover

With All Risk cover, you decide the amount you want to insure items that you carry with you, everyday.