Fazielah progresses with a Datsun GO

    Meet the winner of our ‘Win a Datsun Go’ competition

    We believe that the progress of our clients should never stop.

    And to mark our entry into the market, we decided to run a competition and give away a brand new Datsun Go to get people moving onwards and upwards.

    The competition, which ran from November 2016 to March 2017, asked people to visit the Progressor website and submit their own story of progress to enter.

    After an exacting judging process, which including brand building students from the renowned Vega School of Branding, Fazielah Wilkinson, a school teacher from the Cape Flats, was chosen as the winner.

    The prize giving, and handing over of the car, took place on the 24th of March 2017 at the Protea Glen Mall in Soweto, amidst a fanfare of dancing and cheering. When announced as the winner, Fazielah, a first time car owner, could not contain her emotions, “I feel happy, excited and very grateful that somebody heard my story…this is now more motivation for me, I am going to go back (to my school) and tell my learners that progress doesn’t just stop, and I am going to carry on studying. I’ve been through stumbling blocks but if you can overcome that, you can overcome anything.”

    Fazielah’s story of progress was truly remarkable, as a single mum from the Cape Flats, she was unemployed after leaving school. To provide for her child, she took a job as a retail store and it was there that she met an old school teacher who encouraged her to study. After applying and getting accepted at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Fazielah worked hard at getting through the next three years. To make ends meet, she continued her retail job, and also started and ran a tuck-shop on campus, all while studying and looking after her daughter.

    Today Fazielah is a qualified schoolteacher who refuses to stop progressing – the next step in her journey is attaining another degree and getting a job overseas. With her guts, passion and determination (not to mention a brand new Datsun Go), there is no doubt that she will succeed.

    Mr. Mohobi Ramatsitsi, our Managing Director sums it up perfectly, “It’s knowing that we are helping people like Fazielah progress in life, that keeps us as a company going. That’s our purpose. We are a company dedicated to progress, for our clients, and our country.”


    1. Ernst says:

      So true. I am Fazielah’s colleague. She is really a remarkable person. She is very creative and innovative. She makes things happen and she is not even a full year at our school. I am extremely proud of her. Thanks Fazzie for being such a good colleague.

    2. Shiraaj says:

      I am so very proud of you Fazielah (“My Pununu”)for what you have achieved and for what you are about to achieve still, Inshah-Allah. Slamat for winning. Ps. ta maaf for being so late with comment.

    3. Shiraaj says:

      I am so very proud of you Fazielah (“My Pununu”) for what you have achieved and for what you are about to achieve still Inshah-Allah. Ta maaf for late comment my wife. Slamat for winning baby.

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